35pcs Survival Kit

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Product description

Why You Need a Survival Kit?
You never know when you get into an unexpected emergency situation. Either in the wilderness or trapped in your car or like hiking, camping, 
then an emergency survival kit can be a lifesaver with military knife, flashlight, whistle, emergency blanket and so on.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Knife: Our cold steel military knife is sharp and portable. You can put it in packet in emergency and use it to cut something

5-in-1Paracord Bracelet: The cool paracord bracelet can be as a whistle, second flint stone, compass, extra nylon rope and is more practical and durable

7-in-1 Multi-use Spork: It's not only just a spoon or a fork, but also a knife, bottle opener and whistle

Extra Emergency Blanket: Durable, compact design, waterproof and windproof, can maintain body temperature more than 90%

Tungsten Steel Pen: Made From tungsten steel For Superior Strength & Portability, break a window/ glass, escape in an emergency situation.

Tactical Torch Flashlight: With zoom-able design, compact handheld flashlights, zoom in for an intense beam or out for wider illumination.Need a single AA Battery (Not Included). 


- Waterproof case
- Military knife
- Paracord Bracelet
- Multi-use spork
- Emergency thermal blanket
- Tungsten steel pen
- Tactical torch flashlight
- Whistle
- Saber card
- Wire saw
- Water bottle clip
- Screwdriver
- 1x Medical tape
- 2x Wound pads
- 4x Alcohol pads
- 4x Prep pads
- 10x Bandages
- Velvet gift pouch