Multi Function Shovel

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Outdoor Survival Shovel Multi Function Shovels Open Bottle Digging Mud Cut Tree Shovel Hiking Camping Tool Travel Survival Tools

Product description:

Weight : About 450G

Size : 40*10CM

Color : Black, Green

Material : Carbon steel

Season : 4 Seasons


1. Multi-purpose, very good assistant for outdoor activities such as camping, tent-building, mountain climbing, exploration, tourism, home gardening, science and technology examination, with functions of shovel, pick, saw and nail-pulling slot.
2. It can be folded, small and portable. After unfolding, there is a shovel at one end and a pick at the other. Flexible, foldable, horizontal and vertical handles are essential for outdoor camping activities.
3. It is equipped with portable camouflage coat, which can be hung on waist (rationalized design, small size, easy to carry, scientific design of jacket)